Peter Fillingham and Laura White at the Carter Presents Gallery

17. march. 2012


Last night I went to Pete Fillingham’s (our old Central Saint Martins tutor who left in my first year) private view at the Carter Presents gallery in Bethnal Green! It was a special treat to see him and his work as I hadn’t gotten to see or speak to him since may 2011.  He dissapears quite often! I have always found his wild imagination, crazy ideas, and kindness inspiring!

However, it was very difficult to properly experience the work as there were so many people! I plan to visit the gallery in the week so I can really see his work without distraction!

I interpreted Fillingham and White’s collaborative pieces, which appear to be arranged collections of objects (that were predominately empty containers) as narrative pieces telling a story about someone or something with an abstract approach. I found the sculptures charming. Each of the objects making up the sculpture individually were  seductive in a way that if I had found them on the street I would pick them up and take them home.

After reading the quotation at the bottom of the article in the link I have provided about the installation I came to some other conclusions about the installation.

I especially identify with Laura White’s quotation “It is important for me to treat the everyday object with a regard to its production and authorship, as even the cheapest item from a pound shop has been designed by someone.”  When I look at objects, and especially every day objects, I always pay attention to the material they are made from and question; how they were designed, where the materials came from, and sometimes their history! This is not only a common theme in my own practise but part of what I wrote my dissertation on. I get frustrated with how easily we can pass thorough our lives with out questioning what we use, how it works, what its made of, where it comes from,  and take it for granted. Then when something breaks most of us don’t even consider attempting to fix it, or even take it apart. It just gets thrown away!!! Maybe this is why my friends call me a hoarder….

Anyhow, I also noted whilst reading the website that the article mentions that both artists are also hoarders, perhaps that is why I feel a connection to them and their work!

Over all, it was very inspiring to get back together with old classmates and to see what everyone had been up to as well as talk to our old tutors! I hope to go to more of my friend’s exhibitions!

xx Jue!

Carter Presents: The Shapes Game collaboration with Pete Fillingham and Laura White

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