Foraging for inspiration

11. october. 2012


This past Tuesday I went foraging mainly for mushrooms in Epping forest with Imogen and Jen. We didn’t find any edible mushrooms, but we found a few interesting clusters and identified them over some hot chocolate heated over a camp stove. We collected lots of rose hips, sloes, nettles, and crab apples. We have already made rose hip syrup, and I think the sloe gin is next, though that won’t be ready till Christmas!

All of this collecting and processing of found foods has got me thinking about how good it feels to collect and make your own food, and living life simply. I also received a gardening Opinel knife today in the post, again such a basic and beautiful thing. William Morris once said ” Never own anything you do not find to be beautiful or useful”. Well… I’m working on that!

Well designed and simple things are so easily beautiful.  I’m also thinking about how I feel when I complete a drawing which comes out just right. Everything on the page working harmoniously, it feels like a masterpiece. Generally this happens when, my lines are simple and to the point. When drawing, every little line counts, which means sometimes just the right one is missing while one too many can be distracting.

I guess you can say, thats the same in life too… every little thing counts.

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  • Imogen Jones:

    I really enjoyed foraging! being outside in the wild collecting wild fruits has made me think about my practice too. I felt very homely making the Rosehip syrup. We need to do it again ASAP!

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