13. March. 2013


I have been traveling in America visiting friends and family and since I have been back I have had some illustration work, and been doing a little of my own, which you will see in my illustration portfolio category.

Most of my current exploration is in materials which change slowly and when left whether over night or weeks result in something very different from what was initially thought as finished. somethimes I like it, sometimes, I don’t. As it is  early spring now, a time of new beginnings I am in the process of making many new changes in my life.

The pieces I am uploading are beasts drawn onto wax strips. The hair pulled off on them represents their fur and each beast becomes what it will be by chance of each improvised mark. Over time, the wax strips become translucent like grease proof or wax tracing paper. I am waiting for it to happen now, but when i started, I did not know this would happen. I looked back on  experiments from last year and found this happens. I am planning to make a collection and see where it takes me, perhaps they will take part in a published book of my own in the future.

I like the hair on the wax strips because it reminds me that we all have a little beastie in us ( not that I need to be reminded of that, but that it reminds me that others do too). Some people only let that beastie show through in certain places on their body or in their personality. The beastie does not have to be the dirty wild animal we expect it to be but it can be the way we smell things or the way spring makes us feel. It can be how the hair on our arms prick when we are cold or when we feel how sharp our teeth are and go “whoah”. We are creatures of nature and some of us forget, maybe remember and it makes us think and sometimes surprises us.  The hair on our bodies is left over from when we didn’t have clothes. I like to keep mine because it reminds me of my beastie-ness.

15,798 is how many miles I traveled… approximately.





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