Registered as self employed and trading!!!

I am fully registered as self employed now and I have really gotten my Illustration business going! Check out my facebook page!

I will be accepting commissions and selling high quality greeting cards and prints of my work shortly.

Some updates with my current projects:

I have been doing some hand watercoloured mono-prints for Little Carousel Gallery, an online gallery  featuring art work for young children. The website will debut in the next few weeks and will be having a table at Plusher, which is an event for “showcasing stylish, innovative and and luxurious products and services for mother, baby, and family.” ( quoted from the Plusher facebook page )

I am also working on some sample illustrations for a book who’s author is looking for a publisher. ( This information will be revealed later)

On top of all of that I am in the process of applying for an Entrepreneurial visa which is due in the next few days! wooo!

I have uploaded a few of my most recent works – none of them have anything to do with the above projects or anything commissioned.




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