Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, living in London, graduate of Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design : Universtiy of the Arts, London. degree in:  BA Fine Art in sculpture, class 2011.

I approach each new project with the moral that any problem can be not only over come but beautifully mastered with hard work, solid technique and lots of imagination.


In Illustration,  am currently working with Little Carousel Gallery . The gallery offers high quality fine art made for young children and babies. I am selling a series of water coloured pen and ink and also mono-prints which will be available to purchase exclusivley through the gallery. All inquries should be sent to hello@littlecarouselgallery.com.

In Natural builidng, I am currently training with Straw Works’ School of Natural Building ( SNaB) in straw bale building, earth plaster, lime, straw bale basic carpentry, self build project management, car tyre foundations, excited and open to learning all kinds of sustainable building, especially traditional techniques!