ᚻ  ᚾ ᛁ ( Costumes, works in progress) June 2018 Mixed media


My sculptures range from hand held figurative bronze castings to climbable installation architecture.


Facets. 2016- 2017 dog fur, bees wax, wood, feathers and water colours.










Mother’s protection. 2016. Feathers, beeswax, wood, and water colours.





















Beastie’s Labyrinth

The Beastie’s Labyrinth was an immersive sculpture explored by one bare foot person at a time. Most of the interior is covered in damp clay and sculpted in places. There are various paintings on the inside and outside of the labyrinth of the beasties.

At the time I made this piece I was exploring safe spaces such as homes, spiritual temples and churches, and animal dwellings. I was also questioning our cultural separation from the natural or animal world.

The Beasties are something which come out of me at times such as when I am happy basking in the sun, focused and making, annoyed, or maybe just swimming in the sea.

This installation was at the Central Saint Martin’s College of Art and Design undergraduate degree show 2011

October 2010- June 2011



The inside of the labyrinth:

The Entrance/ Cold Room





Myrianthe divide going into front tunnel and front tunnel steps looking back towards the

cold room and Myrianthe divide.


Celing detail on the Myrianthe Divide
Looking back at the stairs in the Myrianthe Divide










Front tunnel faery houses, bear tower inside texture, and looking up the bear tower from the base

Detail of faery houses
Bear tower base cob texture
looking up to the top of the tower from the base



















The Bronze Beastie Group –

November 2010